English Grammar In Use2016

A few months ago, I decided to improve my English and started using the Raymond Murphy’s “English Grammar in Use” iPhone app on a daily basis. It has a great functionally, but a terrible user experience and outdated user interface. So, I challenged myself to redesign the app for both iOS and Android in three weeks of my spare time.

View the full case study on Medium and test a click-through prototype on InVision.

Semibold Mammoth2014

Semibold Mammoth website was created in 2011, and at the end of 2014 I’ve updated its visual identity, giving it a cleaner look, and updating the logo.

The website lives on the mmth.us domain.

Redigo for WP2012—2013

I was honored to work on the initial Windows Phone version of Redigo.ru, the largest Russian travel website. The distinctive feature of the Redigo app is offline mode, which allows users to view destination summary, lists of POIs, maps, and editorial guides without internet connection.

The challenge was to design an app that will work like all print guidelines do, and even better: it had to work without any network connection but have a lot of interactive things such as routes and trip planner.

In the third version of the app we’ve implemented many advanced features such as attaching boarding passes, booking confirmations and planning trips. I’ve also enjoyed working on colourful illustrations used in the app.

Redigo for Windows Phone was featured in many Russian software and travel related media and blogs, and had a five-star rating in the Microsoft Store while the app was actively supported.

You can still find Redigo for WP on the Microsoft Store.

CIAN for WP2014

When I worked at Actis Wunderman, CIAN.ru, the largest ad listing real estate-property portal in Russia, approached us to create a Windows Phone app that will cover the needs of their customers: tenants and landlords.

Before jumping into UI design, I created the user flow for the app and mapped out all of the content. Dozens of screens, states, illustrations and microinteractions were designed.

Unfortunately, on the UI design stage, the client decided to defer the landlord’s functionality, so I got rid of a bunch of screens for adding ads and viewing its statistics.

The app is available on the Microsoft Store.

Megafon Megafaces2014

A questionnaire application for supporting Megafon’s MegaFaces installation at the Sochi Olympics. Filling the questionnaire allowed people to be placed in the queue for 3D scanning.

After scanning, 3D-selfies of visitors were processed to the kinetic facade formed by 11,000 telescopic actuators. The project won a Cannes Lion award for Creative Innovation, and I'm proud to be, well, a little, part of it.

EKA for iOS2013

EKA app for iPhone allows users to view any gas station’s information and find gas stations nearby, route towards them using user’s location data, read the latest news and special offers, and pay for the filling up with a phone. I was working on the initial prototype of the app with sketches of all screens and created all graphics.

You can download the app in the App Store.

Simplify for Mac2012—Present

Simplify is a menu-bar OS X app that allows users to control desktop (Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Vox) and web-based (SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer) players within single easy to use interface.

The last big release has been published in late 2014: the app has got an additional functionality and UI clean-up. Simplify was mentioned on Lifehacker.com, Beautiful Pixels, Macstories, and awarded “Music App of the Year” by TUAW editors. It was also called out by iMore as the best music controller for Mac.

To gain better user experience of Simplify, we’ve embed to the app one of my personal project, Tape.im. It’s a simple web-service that allows users to share their currently playing tracks with matched links to Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and iTunes Store.

You can download the app in the Mac App Store.


Building my portfolio’s website I wanted to use vertical rhythm, so when I started to debug my CSS rules, I felt a lack of tools that check how a baseline is performing in the code. There were tools like Basehold.it, but none of them supported media queries (or maybe I was searching not good enough.)

Anyway, I created a small pure JS plugin that allows to setup as much pairs of baselines and media queries as you need.

<script src="js/baseliner.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    {query: "(min-width: 550px)", color: "red", height: 28},
    {query: "(min-width: 750px)", color: "#7e7e7e", height: 30},
    {query: "(min-width: 1100px)", color: "rgba(0,0,0,.4)", height: 36}

The project is available on Github. Pull requests are always appreciated.

PDD for Chrome2016

A friend of mine, Radik Sitdikov, came to me with an idea of a Chrome extension that displays a random practice test questions and answers of Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation. I have had experience of developing Chrome extensions before, so I helped him to execute on the idea. The extension was featured on Lifehacker.ru.

The extension (in Russian only) is available in the Google Chrome Store.

Artwork Fetcher for 💎2015

Artwork Fetcher is a plugin for Sketch that allows to quickly fill selected shapes with artwork images of defined artist or band. The plugin is built using Last.fm REST API.

I always try to use real data and automate as many things in the design process as possible, so while I was working on a new feature for Simplify that required tons of artworks to be shown, I developed the plugin.

You can grab the plugin here.

Hello, it’s me

I’m Maxim Melnikov, a designer based out of Moscow, Russia. I specialize in interface design and making everything from websites to mobile and desktop apps. I used to be a skeuomorphism fanatic, but then I lost my texture pack.

I work mostly in Sketch, or straight in the browser (using HTML/CSS/JS). My second most used tool is Framer Studio, because I think that prototyping is crucial to identifying issues with the design as early as possible and getting projects better.

I enjoy creating impactful works, and if you’re interested in working together, please feel free to get in touch. Email is the best way to reach me:


I’m not a social media person, but you can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Thanks for watching!